Best Pics Yet of the Second-Generation Porsche Panamera – UPDATE

Porsche will be unveiling the next generation Porsche Panamera in Berlin Germany but will be broadcasting the event online next Tuesday June 28, 2016 at 8:10 CEST. Join us as we will be showing the new Panamera here.

The best images yet of the upcoming second-generation Porsche Panamera have been found online

It used to be that auto manufacturers would unveil their latest models at major auto shows around the World starting at the end of every year. Just like everything else, the Internet is starting to change that.

I would argue that it is much cheaper and effective to release pictures online before a release to generate buzz but I digress. Now, back to the topic at hand.

For the last several months, we have been seeing more and more information about the upcoming second-generation Porsche Panamera. Just yesterday, we saw pictures of a mostly undisguised Panamera making the rounds on the streets of Paris. Today, we have the best pictures I have seen yet of Porsche’s upcoming sedan.

What is known about the upcoming second-generation Porsche Panamera

Here is what we know about the second-generation Panamera. Porsche tells us that it will be the fasted luxury sedan on earth. We know that it will have Porsche’s new 4.0-liter twin-turbo engine that puts out up 550 horsepower. I would imagine that it will actually have more for the top-of-the-line variant. The engine will also be shared across the Volkswagen family of luxury brands. This means that the upcoming Bentley Continental GT replacement will likely have the same engine.

Porsche promises that the Panamera will be the fastest luxury sedan in the World. There are two ways to do this, increase the performance of the engine or reduce the weight of the vehicle. I would suspect that this will be accomplished through the use of the latter.

Major manufacturers are using shared modular platforms across lines and in some cases brands. These new platforms are significantly lighter than the platforms they replace because of the lightweight materials that they use such as aluminum and carbon fiber. BMW is a perfect example of this.

All of the spy data up to this point suggests that the basic shape of the upcoming second-generation of the Porsche Panamera will retain the last generation’s basic shape. The new Panamera relies on LED headlights and taillights for exterior illumination. Compared to the previous model, the rear half of the car is much smoother as well.

Where information is scarce pertaining to the upcoming Porsche Panamera is with the interior. These are the first memorable pictures of the interior of the vehicle. There is a great view of the instrument cluster. The center tachometer is the only analog system. Throughout the front driver area, there are LCD screens for driver-related information. We also see from the pics below that there is a spacious rear seat with a good view of the front sports seats.

Official details are expected in the next week pertaining to the second-generation Porsche Panamera. I remember reading in several places that the official unveiling of the vehicle was scheduled for the Paris Auto Show coming up in November.


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