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    1. Augustus Irwin


      I am a volunteer in Kherson region in Ukraine and I must admit that the situation has become extremely dire. The Russian forces are intensifying their attacks almost on an hourly basis, which has resulted in a cut off of all essential supplies and clothing. With extreme cold and lack of food supplies, it has become extremely difficult for innocent Ukrainian civilians to survive, most of whom are homeless. Internet and all communications are heavily censored and down most of the time.

      We have been promised foreign aid by countless charities and organisations but in reality, hardly anything arrives. I suspect that all deliveries are being intercepted by Russian troops.

      As a last resort, I am appealing to to help Ukrainian civilians in the region with all essential supplies.

      We would ideally need medical supplies, food (non-perishable or longer lasting), warm clothing and anything else you may be able to provide.

      If you are able to deliver help, please could you send it to the below address which we are using as shelter for the time being.

      Kherson State Agrarian University
      Stritenska St, 23
      Kherson, Kherson Oblast
      Ukraine, 73006

      Alternatively, we are also accepting cryptocurrency donations as conventional banking instruments are simply not available to us. If you do not have cryptocurrency, you can easily purchase and send it from Coinbase, Coinpayments, Coin Mama or alternative providers.

      Below are the wallet addresses of our local humanitarian volunteer group:

      Bitcoin: bc1q9uun7eny4t8pvlq7lmz39z9rr7rm3vw849hqwv

      Ethereum: 0xa74cce7805342F10df39B698342380f58bB709b5

      No donation is too small and will be most appreciated.

      I would like to send you some pictures and video footage of the atrocities in the region but unfortunately, the internet is too slow and very intermittent.

      I would be most appreciative if you could share this message on social media and your friends to raise awareness about the situation and lobby your local government to provide more support to Ukrainian army.

      Thank you for you help.

      Best wishes

      Augustus Irwin

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    3. Hassan Afzal


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