Crazy and Funny Russian BMW X6 Crash Compilation

The BMW X6 is so popular in Russia that there is enough content for a Russian BMW X6 crash compilation

BMW is a very interesting place. Some of the most interesting unscripted videos come out of Russia. This is not bad or anything. On the contrary, I think it is great.  Otherwise, we would not have videos like this Russian BMW X6 crash compilation

The car of the moment for the young and successful in Russia is the BMW X6. It almost seems like the national car of Russia because of how popular it is. It seems that the Sports Activity Coupe at least for the moment, is making the loudest ‘look at me statement’.

The BMW X6 is a 2.2 ton five door sedan type vehicle built upon an SUV platform. It is tall and large and can have an imposing presence on a traffic-filled street, especially amongst a sea of smaller cars.

There have been so many BMW X6 accidents caught on video that there is enough content to create a five minute video compilation of nothing but Russian BMW X6 accidents. In my mind, this video raises several interesting questions about Russian dash cams, roads, traffic, and driving skills.

There is so much accident video footage that comes out of Russia. Really crazy stuff too. There was a massive meteor that hit Russia several years ago. Amazing footage emerged as a result of the high number of dash cams in use. Researching why this is the case, I learned that Russia has a big problem with insurance fraud. As a result, a dash cam is a tool to protect oneself.

Because of the high number of dash cams in use, there is a huge assortment of videos of atrocious road conditions. I am sure the roads in much of Russia are like you would find in many developing countries. Fortunately, they have dash cams to cover the mayhem that results.

Moscow has a reputation for bad traffic conditions. This should be expected though as it is a global city with a great deal of wealth and a population in the millions. I have seen many a videos of people driving on sidewalks and generally speaking, doing stupid things to get to their destinations.   Are drivers worse in Russia or are there just more incidents captured on video because of the number of dash cams in use.

I don’t know the answer to these questions but I am glad that they we have the footage that we do as it makes for great entertainment.

Who could ever imagined enough material for a Russian BMW X6 crash compilation.


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