Give Your BMW 2-Series BMW M2 Looks

The Prior Designs PD2XX for the BMW 2-Series gives your car the appearance of the BMW M2

If you have a 2-Series BMW but have your eyes set on an M2, you are in luck. Prior Designs, the company that brought us body kits for the Audi S6 Avant or Mercedes-AMG GT have applied their magic to the BMW 2-Series.

Called the PD2XX, it looks to me to be the perfect solution to upgrade your BMW to have M2 looks. This is not a kit that you bolt onto your existing fenders but rather new fenders that should be professionally installed.

Changes have been made to the bumpers as well. Up front, deep air intakes have been emphasized by placing a chin air splitter that give the vehicle an aggressive posture from the front.

The kit also includes a rear wing with big air scoops so if they are not to your liking, you don’t have to put them on your car. In the meantime, the rear bumper has been retained as well as a few additional add-ons.

The model vehicle really pops with the bright green wheels but I would imagine that they would look good in just about any reasonable color.

If you want to include performance upgrades with your new body kit, you are on your own as Prior Designs is only addressing the look of your 2-Series.

A full body kit for your 2-Series is available from Prior Designs or you can purchase the parts of the kit you need individually.

The big question remains just how well the Prior Designs body kit for the 2-Series fits for on the convertible 2-Series.

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