Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing Unveil AM-RB 001

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing AM-RB 001 concept is designed to provide unrivaled on-road and on-track performance

Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing have unveiled a car that appears able to take on the best hypercars in the World such as the Bugatti Chiron and Koenigsegg One:1. At least this is the case on paper.

According to Red Bull Racing (RBR) and Aston Martin, the AM-RB 001’s naturally aspirated V12 is sufficient to achieve a 1:1 power to weight ratio, or 1 BHP for every kilo of weight. This is the same power to weight ratio for the Koenigsegg One:1.

The AM-RB 001 is designed to be tame enough, perfectly usable and enjoyable on the road, while having the ability to perform like no other road car on the track. Like the McLaren P1 GTR, a track-only version is in development that is projected to be as fast as a LMP1 Le Mans sports prototype.

Development of the AM-RB 001

Development of the AM-RB 001 was a collaboration between Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin with technical directory of RBR Adrian Newey and Aston’s contribution to the project consisting of EVP & Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman and David King, VP & chief special operations officer.  Of course, there was also an entire team behind the main contributors represented from both organizations.

While the entire project is very impressive, one aspect of the project that really stands out is the development of an aerodynamic system that creates tremendous downforce under the car. This gives the designer a lot of flexibility in the design of the vehicle. In this, designer Marek Reichmann was able to create a design worthy of the Aston Martin logo.

Additional highlights of the vehicle are the innovative suspension system and transmission. Both were designed by Newey and developed by Red Bull Advanced Technologies. The goal was to enable to the vehicle to cope with extreme aerodynamic loads at high speeds yet provide drivers with good on-road characteristics and comfort levels. The result is a vehicle that despite its light and compact nature, it can still comfortably house a driver, passenger, and mid-mounted V12 engine.

AM RB001 comments and production

Aston Martin president & CEO Dr. Andy Palmer also weighed in saying, that as the “gathers pace it’s clear the end result will be a truly history-making hypercar that sets incredible new benchmarks for packaging, efficiency, and performance and an achievement that elevates Aston Martin to the very highest level.”

The project has yet to be finalized but until then, the task of engineering the AM-RB 001 will be shared between Q by Aston Martin Advanced and Red Bull Advanced Technologies. Production will take place at Aston Martin’s Graydon facility, the same one used to build the One-77. There will be a total of between 99 and 150 AM RB 001 hypercars produced, including the remaining prototypes and 25 track-only versions.


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