Military Spec G-Class LAPV Spotted Cold Weather Testing

G-Class light armored personal carrier based on G500 4X4^2 platform.

The Mercedes Benz G-Class was first released in 1979 intended for military use around the World. Over the years, the focus of the G-Class switched from primarily military applications to consumer and commercial applications. Could the G-Class be returning to its roots?

Mercedes makes an armored G-Class that looks like every other G-Class that comes from the Magna Steyr. Called the Guard, it is able to withstand bomb blasts and shots from .50 caliber rifles.

The G-Class LAPV is just a little bit different. Called the LAPV, it stands for Light Armored Patrol Vehicle and it is shares the same platform with the Mercedes Benz G500 4X4^2. In addition to many more military upgrades.

The G-Class LAPV has a higher ground clearance as a result of the portal axles being moved higher than the center of the wheels.   Hub-mounted gears support the raise of the hefty portal axles, increasing the vehicles capabilities even further.

Since the G-Class LAPV project is an official military project, specifications such as the armor plating or engine performance is never disclosed. However, we can tell from the spy shots that the car is equipped with a slightly angled front bumper for better approaching angles. Since a winch and snorkel is also integrated into the prototype, we can guess that the vehicle will be able to handle crossing an occasional river bed or more.

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