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Audi Unveils second generation long-wheelbase A4 L for Chinese Market

New Audi A4 L set to be shown at Beijing Auto Show

Audi has introduced a replacement for A4 L, a long-wheelbase model for the Chinese market.  It will make an appearance at the Beijing Auto Show coming up next week.

The replacement model, also intended only for the Chinese market is 189 inches long with a 114.5 inch wheelbase, 1.6 inches longer than the vehicle it replaces. The replacement model is also significantly lighter than the model it replaces tipping the scales 242.5 pounds lighter.

Where the Audi A4 L really stands out is on the inside of the vehicle. It features a “deluxe” air conditioning system that is much simpler in that it can be controlled with just a few buttons and dials. The Chinese market A4 L also gets a heads-up display that projects driver information onto the windshield right into the driver’s field of vision. At the center of the cockpit is also a 12.3 inch screen that also communicates relevant vehicle and driving data using “highly detailed graphics” in very high resolution and with very detailed affects.

Front and rear seat passengers can surf the Internet and take emails through a Wi-Fi hotspot using the LTE standard, while the Audi smartphone system interface integrates mobile phones into a custom-tailored environment.

Audio is in the form of a 19-speaker 755-watt Bang & Olufsen sound system that provides a concert hall-type sound experience.

Two engine options will be available for the A4 L, both having a 2.0 liter displacement. The first option will be a 190 horsepower option and the second will be a 252 horsepower option. Both engines will be mated to the same transmission, a seven-speed automatic gearbox with two clutches providing power to the front wheels or all four wheels if the customer opts for the all-wheel-drive Quattro system.

The new Audi A4 L will go on sale through Chinese dealer this summer with pricing revealed close to the release date.

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