Can the Hennessy Venom GT Go Faster Than 265 mph?

Top Gear releases mini documentary hinting that the Venom GT was capable of more than 265 miles per hour.

Hennessy, the Texas based tuner and manufacturer of the certifiably insane Venom GT caught the automotive world’s attention in April when they released a video of the rocketship on wheels hitting 256.6 miles per hour. This made it the World’s fastest open-top car.  Little did we know at the time that a Hennessy Venom GT documentary was made capturing the events of the day.

Time has passed and now the documentary has been released outlining everything that went into the run that record-breaking day. The video covers everything from problems encountered during the record run to hinting that even more is possible out of the Venom GT.

During an interview with the team, we learn that there were oil pressure and fuel pump failures that day, forcing the crew to reduce engine output by 300 horsepower. Despite the reduction, the Venom GT still had a whopping 1, 151 horsepower on tap to achieve the record run. Just imagine what could have been achieved had the engine been able to run at maximum output. Could it have exceeded the 270.49 miles per hour the Venom GT coupe clocked in 2014?

After viewing the video, we see that there were several amazing runs that took place that day at the hands of pilot Brian Smith. Before his record-breaking run, the Venom GT reached over 250 miles per hour, not once but rather twice. Everything was captured in the video below:

Source:   Top Gear

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