The 1,020 hp Fastest Mercedes-AMG E63 Posaidon RS850+

A beautiful swan song for the outgoing Mercedes-AMG E63 from Posaidon while we await the next generation Mercedes-AMG E63

German-tuning firm Posaidon has released what has released what they claim to be the most powerful Mercedes-AMG E63 ever. Just recently, the next generation Mercedes-AMG E63 was spotted lapping the Nurburgring.

Posaidon Mercedes-AMG E63 RS850+ details

While the upcoming Mercedes-AMG E63 will have a tad over 600 horsepower in the ‘S’ version, the Posaidon RS850+ produces an incredible 1,020 horsepower and 1,032 feet-pounds of torque.  To achieve this level of output, the entire engine was completely reengineered. All of the engine internals were replaced with stronger components. Additionally, larger turbos were added and the ECU was remapped to adjust for the significant power increases. To handle the earth shaking torque, the gearbox was significantly strengthened as well.

Mercedes-AMG E63 weight savings

To further optimize performance of the E63, several steps were taken to reduce the weight of the vehicle.  For starters, the rear seat and trim was removed and the front seats were replaced with a lighter set from the C63 Black Series.

The weight savings don’t end there. Exterior enhancements include replacing heavier steel body panels with carbon fiber hood, bumpers, mirror caps and rear diffuser to shed even more weight.

Breathtaking performance

The incredible output of the extensively modified engine combined with weight savings result in equally incredible performance. The all-wheel-drive sedan goes from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a shocking 2.8 seconds accelerating all the way to 218 miles per hour. Speed is electronically limited because anything greater, increases the likelihood of equipment failure.

Stopping power for such an incredibly powerful vehicle is equally impressive. Front axle stopping power comes from 16.5-inch brakes with six piston calipers. Rear axle stopping power is in the form of 14.2-inch brakes and four piston calipers.

I would expect the market for lightning fast 2-seat Mercedes-AMG E63 sedans to be very small.  However, kudos to Posaidon for the initiative to undertake such an insane project.

Source:  Posaidon

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