Elemental To Pilot Production-Ready RP1 At Goodwood

Elemental RP1 first appeared four years ago with pictures.  Now driving a production-ready model at 2016 Festival of Speed

British sports car manufacturers seem to come and go like the wind. This is understandable as creating a start-up automobile manufacturer requires a great deal of capital and luck.  An appearance by the Elemental RP1 at this year’s 2016 Festival of Speed, hopes to stand apart from the rest.

Every once and awhile, a manufacturer will emerge that looks like it may have a chance for success. It is too early to tell but a company called ‘Elemental’ and its pilot project, the ‘RP1’ may just have a shot.

Elemental, the company first appeared on the UK automotive scene four years ago with a pitch and some nice sketches. Fast-forward four years, and they reemerge with a fully functioning prototype and production-ready vehicle.

Built in a barn and tested across race tracks throughout the UK, a production ready vehicle will be driving the course at this year’s Festival of Speed. Intended to be a launching pad for the brand, Elemental has production facilities less than 1 hour away from the legendary Goodwood Estate.

Very impressive performance for the Elemental RP1

Not much is known about the Elemental RP1. However, the information we have is pretty impressive. For starters, the car is very fast. Tipping the scales at 1,278 pounds, the RP1 is powered by a potent 320 horsepower engine, which is good for a 0 to 60 time of 2.8 seconds. Acceleration from 0 to 100 miles per hour happens just three seconds later, accelerating all the way through to 165 miles per hour.

Even with a more moderate 180 horsepower, 1.0-liter three cylinder engine, the RP1 will post acceleration numbers that will be right up there with the Lexus LFA.

Enabling such performance is the rather interesting lightweight body mounted onto an extremely lightweight carbon tub that company officials say meet the FIAs demanding rigidity standards.

The Elemental RP1 is a very clever piece of engineering along the lines of the Arial Atom. However, the engineers at Elemental managed to achieve the same results using an altogether different approach. The only downside to the project is that the Elemental RP1 will not likely make it to the United States as a street-legal vehicle. If we do see one, it will likely be track only use.

Thus far, the Elemental RP1 has been very well received by those who have been lucky enough to drive it.

It is reasonable to expect that it will sell North of the $100,000 mark if it does make it to production.

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