Speed Record Broken for 2016 Isle of Man TT Record

Michael Dunlop sets course record of 16 minutes and 58.25 seconds at an average speed of 133.393 miles per hour

The 2016 Isle of Man TT just recently wrapped up with quite a bit of news. The most significant was that rider Michael Dunlop, riding a BMW S1000RR managed to navigate the course, dropping the course record by no less than three seconds to set a 2016 Isle of Man TT record.

The famous race is one of the most dangerous in motorsports where participants routinely die. This year, four participants died during the event.

To compete in the Isle of Man TT takes an incredible amount of courage as the race involves a flat-out speed run around the road course. Riders put their life on the line around every corner riding at unimaginable speeds.  While to most people, myself included such speeds are insanity.  To the riders, it is just the thrill of the pursuit of the goal that matters.  It is definitely a special person who is able to compete in such an event.

The course record which is driven on public roads is a 39-mile course was set by John McGuiness how managed to navigate his Honda CBR1000RR around the isle in 17 minutes and 3 seconds at an average speed of 132 miles per hour.

This year, Michael Dunlop ran the course in 16 minutes and 58.25 seconds. Keep in mind that this is a 39-mile road course where his average speed was 133.393 miles per hour. This is an average speed meaning his top speed was much faster and indeed it was, traveling at speeds in excess of 195 miles per hour at some points.

When asked to comment about his recent accomplishment, Dunlop said “if I knew I was so close to 134 miles per hour, I would have pushed harder”. Perhaps, this could be his goal for next year.

To see the insanity of the 2016 Isle Of Man TT record, just press “Play”.



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