A BMW M2 On Another Level, the MH2 630 by Manhart

The BMW M2 with the heart of a BMW M4, the MH2 630 by Manhart

In October 2015, BMW unveiled the M2 Coupe amidst great fanfare. About a week and a half later, Manhart, a German tuner previewed their interpretation of the beastly coupe. It featured a 3.0-liter N55 engine tuned from 370 horsepower to 450 horsepower.

Follow up to the first Manhart M2

As a follow up and to celebrate their 30th Anniversary, Manhart emerges with an encore to the N55 engine upgrade. This time, they have an M2 with an S55 engine from an M4 to really take performance to the next level. The swap increases output in the M2 from 431 horsepower to a whopping 630 horsepower, hence the “MH2 630’ monicker.

Manhart is not disclosing how they are squeezing the additional output from the S55 engine, but we expect it is from the usual tricks such as a modified turbocharger, software remap, and a new exhaust system. This is what most of the tuners are doing nowadays to increase power.

Exterior modifications

Modifications weren’t limited to the engine bay. A new body kit is added that includes a vented hood, prominent front splitter, bigger air vents, extended side skirts and a carbon fiber trunk spoiler. The MH2 630 is also given a new BMW Individual Sunburst Gold Metallic paint job and a set of custom 19-inch black wheels. Behind the wheels, brake calipers are painted gold and yellow to create a strong contrast.

We don’t have any information about pricing details as of yet but we can expect for it to be on the expensive side. The vehicle is expected to cost over $110,000 and this does not include the cost of the donor vehicle. Exclusivity is guaranteed as only five units will ever be made.  The MH2 630 is a very high price to pay for exclusivity.

Source:  Manhart via 7-Forum

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