What Are The Best Off-Road Trucks in the World?

While the Europeans make incredible off-road trucks, the Russians make trucks that can go through anything.

Russia and Eastern Bloc Countries have some of the most beautiful women in the World, a disproportionately high number of accidents caught on tape involving the BMW X6, and some of the wildest auto accidents. You can add the most awesome truck manufacturers in the World to the list.

Because of the incredibly hostile terrain and roads, the best military and work trucks come from that part of the World. For example, since 1954, the Belurussians have specialized in heavy machinery for commercial and military applications. Their trucks have two, four, six, or even twelve axles and all-wheel drive.

Since many of these trucks can weigh up to 50 tons and travel at speeds of over 70 miles per hour, their engines must be massive. Buyers have their choice of engines that they want to install into their trucks. Options include diesel engines from Mercedes, Cummings, and Caterpillar.

Unlike many of their American counterparts, these trucks are made for the most demanding of terrains.   As a result, most are all-wheel-drive and can navigate a wide variety of environments including deep mud, the Tundra, rivers, and rocky terrains.

As a big fan of overlanding vehicles, I can’t help but to wonder what awesome off-road camping gear this would make.


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