Will The Volvo Concept Coupe Make It To Production?

Does Volvo have what it takes to take on the Germans with the Volvo Concept Coupe?

When people talk about a luxury European car, the first thing that comes to mind for most people are German cars. For many years, Scandinavian cars would be considered part of that group. There is one Scandinavian automaker that is battling to get back into the hearts and minds of luxury European car buyers.  Can Volvo take on the Germans with the Volvo Concept Coupe?

Like the Japanese, some Scandinavian auto manufacturers are will to experiment with quirky and unconventional. Volvo, long a benchmark of automotive practicality and common sense, has been making inroads with their SUV. However, if they are to be truly successful, they are going to have to go after the Germans.

While Volvo has mastered safety, the Germans also know safety. They also know how to wrap it with a beautiful design that will appeal to their owners. Automotive success cannot be based on safety alone.

Volvo’s answer to the Germans

Since being bought by China’s Geely Automotive, Volvo has been under pressure to expand beyond SUVs. Their latest response in the form of the Concept Coupe just might be what Volvo needs to go after the Germans.

Based on design alone, the Concept Coupe has what it takes to compete with the likes of the S-Class coupe of BMWs upcoming 8-series. It is handsome and muscular with large bulging fenders. It is sophisticated.

With Volvo’s acquisition of Prodrive recently, the company now has a performance arm in the spirit of AMG for Mercedes Benz and M-Sport for BMW. Over the past few weeks, Volvo has been integrating Prodrive-sourced technologies into their model line-up. If the Concept Coupe makes it to production, a Prodrive-sourced version of the hot coupe would be expected.

There are one of two ways that Volvo can go with the production version of the Concept Coupe. They can go upmarket and target the Concept Coupe at upper end of the market towards the S-Class or upcoming BMW 8-Series. They will not sell as many units but the markup will be greater than if they go down-market. Additionally, there could be an increase in brand-equity by taking this approach.

The second option is to target the production of the Concept Coupe at the BMW M4 or Audi A5. Volvo will likely sell more units with the approach as well as to solidify its position as a premium European luxury vehicle.

Regardless of which direction Volvo goes, let us hope that they do something as the vehicle is just too beautiful to use as a design exercise only.


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