New Video Shows More Of The Upcoming 2017 Lexus LC500

Another Ad released showing a great deal more of the upcoming 2017 Lexus LC500 and it is gorgeous – VIDEO

In January 2015, Lexus unveiled the Lexus LF-FC at the North American International Auto Show as the manufacturer’s vision of a two-seat sports car. The response was overwhelmingly positive for its beauty, engineering, and design. It was so well received that Lexus revealed the production version, the Lexus LC500 at the same auto show earlier this year.

The unveiling of the Lexus LC 500

The public unveiling of the Lexus LC500 at the January 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit was nothing short of stunning. In the course of one year, Lexus had managed to take a concept vehicle to production that was largely unchanged. This is an incredibly impressive feat for any automobile manufacturer.

The upcoming Lexus LC 500 will be available as a 2017 model. Available in both gasoline and hybrid form, the conventional form will be available with a V8 engine producing 467 horsepower. In hybrid form, a V6 gasoline engine will be paired with an electric motor to offer the best of both Worlds, good performance and efficiency.

The upcoming Lexus LC500 incorporates many production processes and technologies from the legendary Lexus LFA super car. In fact, it is seen by many as a spiritual successor of sorts to the iconic LFA.

The Lexus LC500 stunning by design

The Lexus LC500 is stunning visually both on the outside as well as with the interior. As would be expected, it uses top quality materials to make a breathtaking presentation.

Stunning first impressions are not left only to the eyes. The sound of the roaring V8 engine is very impressive as well in my opinion.

Lexus is not wasting any time preparing for the release of the upcoming Lexus LC500. They have started releasing advertising and media worldwide announcing the release of the successor to the LFA.   One was profiled here just recently.

Lexus released another ad for the Spanish market which features a very attractive woman and the stunning Lexus LC500.

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