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The Successor to the E30 M3, The 1991 BMW 318iS

Petrolicious Looks at the Spiritual Successor to the M3, the 1991 BMW 318iS

The BMW E30 is a car with a very large cult following despite the fact that it went out of production almost 25 years ago. It has excellent handling, is reliable, relatively cheap to maintain, and can be easily and cheaply modified to go faster. It is no wonder it has the following it does.  The 1991 BMW 318iS was the last model of the E30 made.

The benchmark for the E30 is the M3, a high performance model that was made in limited numbers. It has become very attractive to collectors and has seen a tremendous increase in value over the last several years, routinely commanding well over $50,000.

“The 1991 Coupe is the last Coupe they made in the E30”, says Delia Wolfe in the latest Petrolicious film. The 318IS is the ‘baby’ m3; it doesn’t put out as much horsepower or torque, but it was the spiritual successor, if you will, to the 2002.”

25 years later, the E30 can be found lowered and stanced, on the drift circuit, in rally series, in E30 spec racing and just about in every other form. This is testament to the durability, handling characteristics, and character of the vehicle.

To learn more about Delia’s E30 and what it means to her, click the video below. It also has some beautiful cinematography of Marin County.

Source:  Petrolicious

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