Rolls Royce Black Badge, a Celebration of Extremes

Rolls Royce Black Badge Edition and extreme requests

Discretion is a luxury and necessity when dealing with the truly wealthy. However, Rolls Royce went against the grain recently when they revealed their most extreme requests. Such closely guarded secrets were released to commemorate the most extreme versions of the Ghost and Wraith ever produced, the Rolls Royce Black Badge edition.

Taking delivery of one Rolls Royce vehicle would be the event of a lifetime for many of us. Once recent customer of Rolls Royce will be taking delivery of three Rolls Royce Dawn convertibles this coming June. The luxury automobile manufacturer states that this is a company first.

Extreme Personalization

Rolls Royce personalization services extend to a vehicle’s interior and exterior colors as well. One recent customer ordered their Rolls Royce with a bright red exterior paint job and a “bubblegum” pink interior. The customer’s request was so specific that he insisted upon presenting a t-shirt having the exact shade up pink at the time of ordering.

Receiving the keys to your new Rolls Royce would be a big deal for anyone. Rolls Royce in fact goes out of their way to create a “special occasion” of taking delivery of your new RR, a three-hour event. During this time, the owner goes through every facet of how to get the most of their vehicle with the event culminating with the gifting of a special package created for the owner of the new Rolls Royce.

A great deal of preparation goes into the delivery of the Rolls Royce to its new owner. Rolls Royce says it takes five hours to prepare for the handoff to the new caretaker.

Extreme Attention to Detail

Rolls Royce is built upon taking the time to do whatever is needed to create something that is the best in the World. The painting process alone takes place over a seven day period during which five layers of paint are applied. In total, over 100 pounds of paint is used in the painting process with hard-to-reach areas addressed by hand.

The manufacture of a Rolls Royce is largely a manual process with most everything done by hand. Robots are used in the manufacturing process at one point only, during the application of paint to the vehicle.

Rolls Royce is a vehicle largely based on extremes. In addition to extreme requests from customers, extreme attention to detail goes into the manufacturing process. With the “Starlight Headliner” that is available as an option with every hardtop Rolls Royce, there are 1,340 individually hand-woven optics totaling 1.2 miles of cabling. A customer has the option of asking Rolls Royce to integrate a specific constellation that can be verified upon completion by a local observatory.

Finally, there is the extreme customer. The youngest person to ever buy a Rolls Royce in London was 21 years old and he ordered a special one-off version that was delivered about year ago. However, the claim of the youngest buyer of a Rolls Royce goes to a boy from Singapore who ordered his car when he was just 12 years old.

The Black Badge edition of the Rolls Royce Wraith and Dawn will be on display at Rolls Royce Motor Cars London starting in July.

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