An Amazingly Cool Restored Toyota FJ40 Landcruiser

The FJ Company specializes in restored Toyota FJ40 Land Cruisers.  Considering the price of FJ40s these days, they represent a good value

When people think of restored Toyota FJ40s, the first thing that comes to mind is Jonathon Ward and Icon 4×4. However, they are not the only game in town when it comes to beautifully restored Toyota Land Cruiser.

Based in Miami Florida, the FJ Company has been restoring the legendary Toyota FJ Cruiser for five years now. However, their history with the FJ40 goes back to the principal’s childhoods. They can either work on your FJ40 or they can get one for you.

Unlike ICON 4X4, FJ Company does not ‘reimagine’ the FJ40. They just provide a very comprehensive restoration with mild performance upgrades. The end result is a beautiful Toyota FJ40 that is considerably less expensive, but no less impressive.

The FJ Company Restoration Process

When the FJ Company receives a restoration candidate, the first thing that they do is take the car completely apart down to the chassis. Parts are then checked and inventoried. Any part that cannot be restored will be replaced with factory, or better than OEM quality parts.

Engine and Transmission

The engine, transmission, drivetrain and clutch are completely overhauled to guarantee a correct restoration.

Specific parts that are addressed or replaced is the carburetor, starter, new pumps, electronic ignition, wiring, and major components such as the crank, pistons, rods, and so forth are inspected and measured. Any parts that do not meet specifications are replaced. This includes the head and engine itself. Every single part of the engine is addressed.

The transmission, differentials, bearings and seals are all restored or replaced. This includes all seals and gaskets. Since the vehicle is custom built, the owner can request and combination of colors and options.

The Chassis

With the vehicle taken down to the frame, both the front and rear suspension is either restored or replaced. Any custom pieces such as an Old Man Emu suspension or powder coating are addressed at this point. Brakes are restored in addition to the fuel tank as well.

Body and Paint

The chassis and body panels are taken down to the bare metal so that every inch of the vehicle can be inspected and repaired, if needed to better than new condition. This includes the underbelly of the vehicle so that the correct amount of protective undercoating can be applied.

The highest quality paints are used in several layers to provide additional protection. The final step is the addition of a new front windshield made of period-correct glass.

Engine Compartment

With the powertrain out of the vehicle, the engine compartment is completely rebuilt with brand new electrical connectors, battery ground straps, wiring, and battery. The washer pump and windshield wiper reservoir are refurbished or replaced.   Mounting hardware is reconditioned or replaced as are relay boards, fuse blocks, and fuse covers.

Bright work

All trim pieces, including chrome trim and moldings are removed, repaired or replaced until they meet factory standards. Every nut and bolt that goes on the body is either or painted or left exposed for a more rugged look, as per the client’s request.


Interiors remain faithful to Toyota factory-correct colors. New carpet kits with backing are installed, door panels and gauges restored and seats brought back to better than new condition. If there is a hardtop, it is also restored and brought back to better than new condition.


FJ Company used only factory quality parts or better. Some items are not in production so parts are used that are of the same quality or better than what came from the factory. When that is not an option, parts will be restored and refurbished to better than new condition.


The final step is the reassembly of the vehicle. Every part fit to the body is either new or has been refurbished.

The end result is an iconic Toyota FJ40 in better condition than when it left the factory. Prices start for restorations start at between $55,000 to $75,000, depending package selected and customer requests. The price does not include a donor vehicle.

Considering how desirable Toyota FJ40s are these days, I would say that this represents a good value, not to mention the cool factor.


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