A Conversation About Lamborghini’s Future With The CEO

Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali discusses the future

The automotive World has changed a great deal within a short period time. Electric and hybrid vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and zero emissions were hardly ever spoken of within the context of automobiles. With such tremendous growth in just a few short years, what kind of threat do such technologies pose on those brands who are still focusing on naturally aspirated vehicles?

Recently installed CEO Stefano Domenicali sat down with AutoGuide to discuss such topics as autonomous vehicles, hybrids, electric vehicles and if there was a four-seat Lamborghini on the horizon.

Autonomous Vehicles

While Domenicali mentioned that he was impressed with the technology, he said “daily driving is about mobility. However, the Lamborghini is about passion.” Domenicali adds “you can’t spend your entire life in a car that does everything for you.” He continues “the typical Lamborghini owner owns many other cars, so they’ll be able to experience this technology with something else.

Alternative powertrains

When asked about alternative powertrains, Domenicali responded, “well that is another story. That is the future. We cannot think that electrification, hybrids, and fuel cells will not hit the sports car segment. It will. It is a matter of time.” For now, he doesn’t see how these powertrains will benefit Lamborghini, but one day they absolutely will.

Is there a four-seat Lamborghini on the horizon?

Two years ago at the Paris Auto Show, Lamborghini unveiled the Asterion concept. It is a two door, four-seat 2+2 sport coupe. When asked if the Asterion was heading to production, Domenicali responded, “in a perfect world, there would be four vehicles in the Lamborghini portfolio. Because of the significant investment to put a car into production, the focus at the current time is on the upcoming Urus SUV.


2015 was the best year in the company’s history having sold 3,245 units, an increase of 28% over the previous year. Turnover increased by 39% to 872 million euro with profitability expected to continue. The company has a very positive for 2016.

Despite emerging technologies, Lamborghini is delivering what their customers want.

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