Where More Is Needed, Renntech Mercedes-AMG S63 4Matic

Performance improvements unveiled for the Renntech Mercedes-AMG S63 4Matic Coupe

Renntech, a US-based tuner of Mercedes Benz vehicles has unveiled a new performance package for the Renntech Mercedes-AMG S63 4Matic coupe. Instead of a revolution, the current package is an evolution of sorts, improving upon what the tuner had already done very well.

Producing 585 horsepower at the crank, the twin-turbo 5.4-liter V8 engine powering the Renntech Mercedes-AMG S 63 Coupe, theu current set up is more than adequate for everyday use.   With the new upgrade, Renntech squeezes 708 horsepower and 839 pound-feet of torque from the S 63 power plant. These performance figures are measured at the crank and are estimated after a dyno run.

At the wheel, Renntech’s handiwork on the S 63 is measured at 588 horsepower and 697 pound-feet of torque, a difference of 20% in performance measured between the crank and wheels. This is pretty good for an all-wheel-drive vehicle such as the Mercedes-AMG S 63.

Renntech performance enhancements consist of an ECU upgrade to optimize performance, a new set of downpipes with catalytic converters, and a set of sport mufflers with electronic valves.

By comparison, a stock version of the Mercedes-AMG S 63 produces 445 horsepower and 489 pound-feet of torque at the wheels. The stock S63 4Matic coupe was capable of a 0 to 62 miles per hour time of 3.9 seconds.  With any of Renntech’s performance enhancements and all-wheel-drive, modified vehicles would be expected to have even better performance.

The Renntech Mercedes-AMG S 63 featured in the photos include a prototype trunk spoiler painted matte black.  Many other performance enhancements are available.

This is not the only modification for the M157 engine powering the Renntech Mercedes-AMG S 63 4Matic. A stage II turbo package is available at $20,640 and there is the option of an Akropovic titanium exhaust system.  Pricing for Renntech’s latest enhancements were not available at the time we went to press.

Source:  Renntech


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