A Carbon Fiber Parade of Paganis In Italy

19 incredibly rare and expensive Paganis captured in a parade of Paganis touring the Italian Dolomites

Around this time of year, London and increasingly Los Angeles starts filling up with the most exotic of supercars from the Middle East. However, it looks like the wealthy owners of Pagani supercars are heading to the Italian Dolomites.

Captured recently and posted to Youtube by The Stradman, 19 Pagani vehicles were photographed in one place. The gathering included many one-off Zondas and Huayras, including the Huayra BC.

While this may be normal in Europe, this is a big deal in the United States because, it is only recently that one could buy a Pagani in the United States. They have only just recently been homologated to be sold and driven in the United States.

Exposed carbon fiber is pretty much the norm nowadays. However, it was the Pagani Zonda that first started the trend.

The Pagani Zonda 760LM

Also in the picture, are not one but rather two of the rarest of Paganis, the Zonda 760 LM. They are the Pagani Zonda’s with the headlights that look like they were taken from the Audi R18 Le Mans racecar.

Additional features of the Zonda 760LM include a bare carbon body, roof scoop, a massive rear wing, massive rear diffuser, and air ducts on the hood. It also appears to have wider wheel arches. In the video, one is featured right next to a 760 VR Roadster.

7.3-liter V12 engines

All of the Zondas in this video are powered by the 7.3-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine sourced from the Mercedes-AMG that produce 750 horsepower.   The Pagani Huayra BC is powered by a turbocharged version of the M158 motor, also hand-built by Mercedes-AMG

The Pagani Huayra BC Costs a cool $.2.62 million dollars. However, many of the more exclusive Zonda models at least cost that, if not more.

What is the total cost of the 19 Pagani’s featured in this video? To make things simple, let us assume an average price for the group of $1.5 million. Conservatively speaking, I would say that $30 million is reasonable.

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