What a One Million Mile Toyota Tundra Looks Like

The truck still has its original paint, transmission and engine

Toyotas have a reputation for being very reliable vehicles. Victor Sheppard recently traded in his work truck, a 2007 Tundra for a new one.   What was the mileage on his old truck you ask? Over one miles.

Since purchasing the truck, Mr. Sheppard has put on 125,000 miles per year driving between Louisiana, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Virginia. The car still has the original paint job, motor and transmission. What is Mr Sheppard’s secret? Regular maintenance.

Keeping meticulous records, Mr. Sheppard has visited the service department of his local dealer 117 times to have many things done to his car including oil changes, timing belts, and so on.

When asked about the condition of his truck, Mr. Sheppard says “my truck looks great, and, except for a few dents, it is almost like new.   Even the seats look just as they were when I bought it. They are not as clean, of course, but they are not busted and worn out.”

The condition of the vehicle after one million miles piqued the interest of Toyota Motor North America who made him the offer of a lifetime, a 2016 Toyota Tundra for his truck. His new Tundra makes it the sixteenth Tundra he has ever owned.

Mr. Sheppard must own a delivery company of sorts in order to have owned 16 Tundras over the years.   The first generation Toyota Tundra went on sale in May of 1999. Still, one million miles in a car with the original engine and transmission is an amazing feat.

“I believed [reaching a million miles] wouldn’t be a problem,” said Sheppard. “These trucks are safe and dependable. I think, if you see a Toyota on the side of the road, it might be a scam because they just don’t break down very often.”

There is no doubt that Toyota makes great cars and trucks. It is stories like this that make such a convincing argument.

Source: Toyota

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