Mercedes Benz Releases Long-Wheelbase E-Class in Beijing

Built specifically for the Chinese market

Mercedes Benz unveiled a stretched E-Class that is intended specifically for the Chinese market.

In a country where it is more about what you are being driven in, rather than what you are driving, many automakers make long-wheelbase editions of their more popular models specifically for the Chinese market. Mercedes-Benz is one of many automotive manufacturers that do this. There are many others. As a result, it is no surprise that the manufacturer would choose the Beijing Auto Show to present their latest creation.

The long wheelbase E-Class is everything that you already know about the 2017 model. However, there are just a few key differences. First, there is more room behind the front seats. In fact, the wheelbase is extended by 5.5 inches, resulting in a 5.3 increase in backseat legroom.

A second difference between the Chinese long-wheelbase E-Class and the one that sells elsewhere is an improved center armrest that includes a USB port and lighted storage space. Buyers can upgrade with such niceties as a touch screen, cell phone wireless charging, a heated pad like the front armrest of the S-Class or an additional cupholder.

You are out of luck if you want one as it is made in China exclusively for the Chinese market. It is produced in a joint venture with Beijing Benz Automotive Co, a joint venture between Daimler and BBAC.

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