Brabus 800 Based on the AMG SL 65 Is Over-The-Top

For those who like over the top, the Brabus 800 based on the Mercedes AMG SL 65 is for you

Putting incredibly powerful engines into the Mercedes Benz SL roadster is nothing new. In the mid-1990s, AMG built a very small number of very special SL roadsters that had the same engine powering the Pagani Zonda and Huayra hypercars.

Brabus is a name that is known for taking already spectacular Mercedes Benz vehicles and personalizing them to an entirely new level. Their latest project is a great follow up to the legendary Mercedes Benz AMG SL73 built in extremely limited numbers between 1995 and 2001.

While the 6.0-liter engine that the SL originally comes with is more than sufficient for most, the magic that Brabus bestows on a vehicle are for those who need the ultimate of everything. The SL Roadster you see here certainly fits the criteria.

The Brabus 800 starts life as a Mercedes SL65. Every component making up the engine is replaced with parts able to withstand the increased forces that the engine will be producing. Engine modifications most likely include larger turbos, a remapped ECU and a high flow exhaust system. The result is an additional 170 horsepower above the standard SL 65 AMG.

Keep in mind that the Brabus treatment is not just an engine modification but rather part of a package deal. As a result, the Brabus 800 also includes a sculpted body kit, the best leather interior that one can buy, a beautifully melodic exhaust note and more.

The price is not disclosed but it can be assumed to be a small fortune as it includes the engine modification, body kit, new leather interior, carbon fiber hood, and interior trim and massive Brabus wheels.

This particular vehicle has been so exhaustively modified that it is no longer even technically a Mercedes-AMG but rather a Brabus. All of the Mercedes logos and badges have been replaced with Brabus badging.

The final modification for the Brabus 800 is leather carpeting with an integrated piping and quilting pattern rather than the usual high quality Mercedes carpeting.



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