Maybach S600 Put Through Its Paces on the Nurburgring

A Maybach on the Nurburgring is not what you would expect to see

Now here is something you don’t see everyday. A Maybach S600 was spotted making rounds at the Nurburgring within the last few days, most likely undergoing testing at the hands of Mercedes Benz.

The Maybach, while it may share a body with Mercedes’ top of the line S-Class, is in a league unto its own. It has 6.0-liter V12 engine producing 523 horsepower. Most importantly, it has a level of luxury and finish that is a level or two beyond the S-Class.

Priced at right around $200,000, it can be perceived as a bargain relative to the cars it is competing against, namely the Rolls Royce and Bentley Motor cars, both of which come in several thousand dollars higher than the Maybach.

Back to the video at hand, the size of the Maybach is impressive relative to the other cars on the track.   Additionally, the speed and agility at which it handles the curves of the Ring looks like that of a car that is much smaller in size.

The engine seems to be relaxed as it pushes the massive luxury sedan through its paces and the tires do not seem to be ‘screaming’ in agony as they often do around the ‘Green Hell’.

Overall, I am very impressed at the speed and agility of the massive luxury sedan but yet, that it is to be expected of a car of this caliber

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