Le Mans 24 hours – Hour 8 Update

Over 15 Hours left of the 84th running of Le Mans 24 hours.  A lot can happen before now and the finish

Le Mans – 24 hours is happening today and tomorrow. There are several places online where you can see streaming coverage. I am currently on the Porsche website watching coverage from the Porsche 919 #1 vehicle.

As of the time of this writing, almost eight hours of the race has passed with a bit more than 16 hours remaining.   Night has fallen on the race and with night racing in place for the next several hours until day-break.

In first place is the number 6 Toyota TS050 HYBRID of Toyota Gazoo Racing driven by S. Sarrazin. 126 laps have been completed with the best lap of the race run in 3:21.445. 9 pit stops have taken place with the last lap run in 3:25.939.

In the number 2 and 3 positions are the Porsche 919 Hybrids of the Porsche Factory team. In the number 2 spot is car number 2 driven by N. Jani who is 22.374 seconds behind the first place Toyota TS050 Hybrid. The vehicles best lap was run in 3:21.756.

In the number 3 position is the number 1 Porsche 919 driven by T. Bernhard of the Porsche Team. The fastest lap was run in 3:21.816 with the last lap run in 3:29.774.

LMP1 class vehicles are in the numbers 1 through 7 position.

Update: The second Toyota TS050 Hybrid of the Toyota Gazoo team has taken the number 3 position from the number 1 Porsche 919 piloted by B. Hartley. The second Toyota in third place is being driven by K. Nakajima with a gap of 1 lap between third and fourth place.

Motorsports.com has excellent coverage and a large number of photos.

Porsche has a live stream of the race as well.

Photo credits:  Motorsports.com


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