Another Lamborghini Aventador Succumbs to Flames

Lamborghini Aventador succumbs to flames after revs engine in traffic in London

It is another week and we have another Italian car that has caught fire. This time, a Lamborghini Aventador. The vehicle has a reputation as a raging Italian monster with the ability to spit fire.

Many rear-engined Italian cars have the ability to “spit fire”.  Unfortunately, many of these same cars have a reputation for catching fire.  There are countless videos online of Lamborghinis and Ferraris burning to a crisp. The most recent being a week or so ago in Dubai.

In some of the videos I have seen, the owners are not even aware that their cars are on fire.  That seems to be the case in this video as well according the witness statements.  The owner was revving the car in traffic.  A short time later, people are yelling at him to get out of the car as the vehicle is on fire.  Shortly thereafter, a small flame becomes a large one, and the vehicle becomes an expensive torch.

Since this was rush hour, there were several witnesses. One witness told the Evening Standard newspaper that, “the driver was revving up the car at traffic lights in a queue, there was a loud bang and the engine caught fire.” Luckily a firetruck was close by to respond to the fire.

Use caution if you drive a Lamborghini Aventador

If I was to ever own a rear-engined Italian sports car, I would resist the urge to rev the engine whenever possible. It seems that the exhaust pipes are not long enough to allow a backfire or flame to dissipate in the exhaust pipe, “spitting fire” when revved. Could it be that the flame coming from the exhaust pipe when the car is revved, lights any part of the vehicle surrounding the rear muffler opening?

I don’t know the answer to that question as I am not an engineer, but at this rate, Lamborghini and other rear-engined sports car manufacturers may want to offer a fire trailer as an option with their vehicles.

The images are of other Lamborghini Aventadors found online.

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