Ford Adds More Stealth to the Ford Interceptor Police Utility

Interior Light Bars integrated into Ford Interceptor Police Utility

Ford Adds More Stealth to the Ford Interceptor Police Utility for those of us who memorize the profile and light signature of today’s police cars as a strategy to avoid traffic tickets,, Ford just made this strategy much more difficult for us.

In February 2015 at the Chicago Auto Show, Ford showed their Police Interceptor Utility that is based on the Ford Explorer, one of America’s favorite family haulers since it was first released in March of 1990.

While the Ford Police Interceptor shares many components with the base Ford Explorer, it is modified and built to withstand the rigors of law enforcement. The police version features among other things, larger springs and suspension pieces, a larger cooling system, bigger brakes, reinforced motor mounts and frame, and a transmission suitable for police activity.

Earlier this week, Ford made their Interceptor Police Utility all the more stealth.   They announced the availability of headliner light bars that are built into the interior of the vehicle. They are most streamlined and better integrated into the headliner than bulky aftermarket interior light bars.

First, Ford adapted their best selling SUV, the Ford Explorer into the best selling police vehicle in the United States. Next, interior light bars are better integrated into the headliner of the law enforcement vehicle. Both of these actions can be viewed as a form of stealth benefitting law enforcement agencies. that make it harder for people such as myself to memorize vehicle profiles and lights signatures to identify law enforcement.

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