Brabus Restorations Shows Their Amazing Work

Like their conversions, Brabus restorations are over the top

Brabus has long been known for their ability to take the performance, luxury, comfort and exclusivity of a Mercedes Benz beyond what it leaves the factory with. They are also becoming increasingly recognized for their restoration expertise of vintage Mercedes vehicles.

With the skyrocketing increase in prices for some vintage model Mercedes, it makes sense that Brabus would apply their engineering and craftsmanship to something that they already know best, Mercedes Benz.

A typical restoration by Brabus can take up to 4,000 man hours to complete. When done, the vehicles are in much better condition than they were when they first left the factory many years ago.

Brabus recently had some examples of their work on display at the 28th Techno-Classic in Essen. The vehicles on display includes two 280SLs, two 280 SE 3.5 Cabriolets, a 600 Pullman and two 300 SLs, one convertible and one a roadster.

In 2014, Brabus set up a facility expressly for restorations that is separate from the other side of the business in Bottrop Germany. A workshop and showroom take up 21,500 square feet of usable space with the entire space dedicated to working only on vintage cars.

Every vehicle goes through an extensive nut and bolt restoration where every single part making up the vehicle is disassembled, inspected, and catalogued. Parts that cannot be restored are discarded while the remaining parts are reconditioned to better than new condition. Bodies are stripped to the metal with the body shell reconditioned and given a catalytic dip primer coating.

The interior of a vehicle is restored to better than new condition as is the engine and gearbox. The suspension and brakes are completely replaced with new parts for safety reasons. Every vehicle that completes the restoration process at Brabus is given a two-year warranty with unlimited miles.

As with anything that Brabus does, a restoration does not come cheap. However, looking at some of their work and the increase in prices of some of these cars, one can’t help but to think that it is a worthwhile investment.

Source: Brabus

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