Walk through the Ferrari Museum from Home

Tour the Ferrari Museum on Google Maps

One of the best places to see some of the most beautiful Ferrari’s ever made is YouTube and Google Images. There is another Google property where one can access some of the most iconic cars in the World, Google Maps’ Street View.

Automotive enthusiasts can now tour the Ferrari Museum without having to spend thousands of dollars in travel expenses or even leave the comfort of their own home.

To access the museum on Google, go to www.google.com/maps and type in “Ferrari Museum”. Using your cursor, you can navigate through the museum to see many high-resolution images of some of the most famous and valuable Ferrari cars.

Viewers will see a mix of racing cars and street cars that were taken in December of last year when the ‘Genius and Secrets’ exhibition was running.

Ferrari sells some of its merchandise online that is not available in the Museum gift shop.

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