Everything You Wanted to Know About The New 5-Series

Codenamed the G30 and set to launch later this year

The upcoming BMW 5 Series, which is set to arrive in this summer and is said to have something for everyone ranging from three-cylinder engines to a 600hp M5, to a Gran Turismo and finally a Touring. Some of these variants of the 5-series may not make it to US shores.

Code-named the G30, the first of the sixth-generation 5-Series to make an appearance is the Gran Turismo, a five-door sedan, followed by a station wagon or touring, followed by the sedan in the Autumn. The new 5-series will be based on a new platform and will be laden with technology.

Engineering Specs

‘CLAR’, short for Cluster Architecture, is the rear- and four-wheel drive platform that will be shared across the 3-, 5-, 6- and 7-Series range of vehicles. Made of high-strength steel, carbon fiber, and aluminum, the platform will reduce the weight of the next generation five series by 176 pounds compared to the current model.

The upcoming M5 is rumored to shed even more weight, almost 400 pounds to be exact and with a more powerful 600 horsepower 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8, and available as an option for the first time, four-wheel-drive, performance of the M5 should be breathtaking.

BMW’s iconic ‘straight-six’ cylinder engine will remain. However, it will be available in many different variations including gasoline and diesel and rely upon up to four turbochargers, depending upon the engine.

BMW is said to be offering a hybrid version of the 5-Series in addition to a plug-in variant that lowers its charge adapter to a garage floor-mounted plate for inductive charging. However, you must remember to unplug before leaving every morning.

5-Series Technology

The upcoming 5-Series will loaded to the brim with technology. It will not only be able to park itself but also change lanes and overtake slower vehicles. Radar-based cruise control will help the vehicle stay in its lane, detect other vehicles, and signal other drivers before pulling out and passing slower vehicles.

The electronic architecture underlying the 5-series is also set up to receive remote updates, keeping all of the software making up the vehicle current.

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