Ferrari LaFerrari to Appear in Open-Top Form

Newly Appointed CEO Sergio Marchionne Confirms Ferrari LaFerrari Spyder

Three years after the release of Ferrari’s most powerful and fasted road-legal supercar, fans finally receive confirmation of what many have long hoped for and expected, an open-top version.

Newly appointed CEO Sergio Marchionne who is also CEO of the Fiat Chrysler Group recently confirmed that an open-top LaFerrari Spyder is indeed on its way.   When asked in an Interview by AutomobileMagazine about a more subtle version of the LaFerrari, called the “LaFerrarina”, Marchionne responded saying “The only future product connected to LaFerrari is the Spider”. He added, this is “no secret, since potential customers have already been approached.”

The open-top LeFerrari is expected to be very close to the coupe version but it will, needless to say have several chassis reinforcements to make up for any loss in structural rigidity. This will undoubtedly add weight to the vehicle.

Now that we getting a clear picture of Ferrari’s plans for the LaFerrari, the same cannot be said about the rumored V6 powered Dino. When Marchionne was asked where the Dino will be positioned, how much it will cost and where it will be positioned relative to the 488 GTB, Marchionne responded “we haven’t found answers to those questions yet”.

Source:  Automobile Magazine

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