Bugatti Chiron, Fury Restrained at 2016 Goodwood FOS

Bugatti Chiron makes impressive first U.K. appearance at 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed

The World Famous Goodwood Festival of Speed is taking place through June 26th 2016. This year’s motto is ‘Full Throttle – The Endless Pursuit of Power’.   There will be several unveilings at the event, which is surely to make this year’s event even more memorable than last year’s.   One such event was the presence of a Bugatti Chiron at the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

There are several important, if not historic events taking place. The new Mercedes-AMG GT R, officially unveiled this morning will be making an appearance and the Bugatti Chiron will be making its first public appearance in the UK. There could hardly be a more suitable venue for the Chiron than the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The Bugatti Chiron

The Bugatti Chiron’s quadturbo W16 engine produces an unbelievable 1,479 horsepower. There are several things that immediately jump to mind as being more impressive. First is the faint sound that the vehicle makes for having such incredible power. The second is just how tame that beast is in the corners. The vehicle, if you can call it that, looked very composed and just seemed to glide through the corners. This balance attests to the engineering that went into this machine.

A quiet rage

When the Chiron first starts off the line, the relative silence for such a powerful car immediately jumps out. Within moments, the whine of the four turbochargers can start to be heard. As the Bugatti picks up speed, the sound becomes a little powerful but the roar of the engine is still quiet by super sports car standards. At some points throughout the video, you can hear the announcers voice over the faint roar of the engine.

The beauty of the Bugatti Chiron is in its restraint. While extremely capable from a performance standpoint, it at no point appears to lose control, whether it be of the ride or of the faint roar of the engines. This is very apparent at about 1:07 where the one-off Ferrari 58 Speciale MM appears. Having 605 horsepower, the Ferrari was very loud while the Bugatti had more speed and grace and produced much less noise to get the job done.

Driven by British racing driver and former Le Mans winner, Andy Wallace, Bugatti will start delivery of its Chiron to customers this fall.

Source:  Bugatti


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