Upcoming Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ Promises to “Wow”

Chief engineer Tetsuya Tada makes big promises regarding replacement

The Toyota 86 has been well received by the market place. With development of the next generation Toyota AE86 and Subaru BRZ in the planning phase, chief engineer Tetsuya Tada shared some information about the replacement for their rear-drive coupe.

Speaking through a translator with Motor magazine in Australia, Tada-san made big promises when he said that the new car will surprise everyone when it is unveiled.

“We have started planning the next generation 86. [Trying] to provide something beyond people’s expectation is not easy”, he said, “it will definitely be above the fans’ expectation, because if you supply what all the fans really want, nobody is really surprised or impressed, so wait and see, we provide something that will be really surprise.”

Tada-san is on record in the past saying that ‘adding a turbo to the new generation model would be the easy answer’ but he dismissed the use of traditional hybrid power in the new car.

“Not necessarily we would be saying hybrid as such, hybrid could be a part of the answer but if [we] provide just a normal hybrid, it make no-one surprised,” he said.

When the 86 chief engineer was asked if the new motor will get an electric motor to boost the gasoline engine, he replied “it’s a good idea but it is not as surprising as [we] want to make.

2017 Toyota 86 pictured

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