Official-Looking Pics Leaked of the New 2017 BMW 5-Series

With the official unveiling of the 2017 BMW 5-Series scheduled in two days, official pics are leaked online

With the official unveiling of the 2007 BMW 5-Series scheduled for October 13, 2017, official looking pictures appear to have been leaked on the Internet ahead of the debut. Codenamed the G30, the images appear to show the upcoming G30 5-Series in M-Sport trim.

If you have been following our coverage of the development of the 7th generation 5-Series, you would not be surprised to learn that the G30s styling changes are evolutionary, rather than revolutionary. What is apparent for the first time are the design influences that are carried over from the current generation 7-Series.

In retrospect though, this should not be surprising if one looks at the history of the brand. The third generation BMW 5-Series, the E34 borrowed many design elements from the then current generation 7-Series, the E32. The E34 was like a smaller E32 and in fact, the two vehicles shared many different parts, including interior parts.

Like the E34, the G30 looks like a resized current-generation 7-Series with more dynamic proportions. However, there are differences though. The G30 5-Series has a stubbier tail, a heavily raked window and sloping trunk, compared to the current 7-Series.

Both the 7-Series and 5-Series are built upon BMWs new Cluster Architecture (CLAR) that uses high-strength steel, carbon fiber and aluminum parts. This helps the G30 drop as much as 220 pounds over the outgoing generation, improving handling, fuel economy, and agility.

Additional firsts for the new 5-Series is an M5, available with an optional all-wheel drive system. Like the outgoing M5, the G30-based M5 will produce 600+ horsepower and adopt a dual-clutch transmission.

The standard 5-Series will be available with an automatic or manual transmission, depending on the market. Release of the G30 will be followed by the release of the G31 Touring and G32 Five-door GT.

We will keep you posted on the unveiling of the G30 5-Series in a few days.

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