Williams F1 Spotted Testing Controversial Wing Designs

On opening day of the first in-season test at Barcelona, Spain, Williams rolls out a controversial rear wing design

On the first run of the day by driver Alex Lynn, the unique and likely illegal double decker design was fitted to the Williams car. It features an extended wider plane ahead of the main rear wing, with additional winglets.

In addition to the extended rear wing, the Williams was fitted with an extra device made of carbon fiber on the front of the vehicle.

The shape and size of these devices are likely illegal because they extend beyond what is permitted in the regulations. This suggests that they are likely not being tested for introduction later in the year.

Another reason for the wings is that they are testing devices enabling the team to develop a better understanding of aerodynamic loads and balances as they continue to optimize the chassis.

For example, an increase in the surface area of the wings would help engineers better understand the result of more down force on the vehicle and tires in racing conditions. This work would help with future concepts that the teams are preparing for in next year’s race cars.

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