The new 2022 Lexus LX600, closer to perfection

The new 2022 Lexus LX600 improves on the performance, luxury, comfort, efficiency, off-road capabilities, and structural rigidity of the LX to make an even better luxury SUV

The 2022 Lexus LX600 is luxury and off-road prowess wrapped in iconic Toyota Land Cruiser reliability. As a result, it has a large and loyal global following.  The new 2022 Lexus LX600 improves upon what already worked in the previous generation LX such as the comfort, luxury, performance, efficiency, rigidity, off-road capabilities and more.

Based on the legendary Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series, the current model debuted at the 2007 New York Auto Show about a decade and a half ago. Several minor facelifts and upgrades have helped keep the LX fresh over the years. However, this approach can only last for so long before it starts showing its age.

Toyota recently unveiled its new Toyota Land Cruiser 300-series that we will not be receiving here in the United States. As a result, it was only a matter of time before Lexus did the same with its wholly redesigned Lexus 2022 LX600.


An Evolutionary, rather than Revolutionary Design

The design of the 2022 LX is evolutionary, building upon many of the attributes that defined the outgoing Lexus LX570. This includes the prominent spindle grille with seven floating bars with hollow middle parts to improve engine cooling. More oversized air intakes and smaller headlamps with three-dimensional daytime running lights.

The A-pillars have been “pushed rearward to produce a cab-backward design” behind the sculpted hood. As a result, the 2022 LX600 also has a sleek body that contrasts with the more noticeable wheel arches, which house 18-, 20-, or 22-inch alloy wheels.


At the rear, the iconic “L” emblem on the back has been replaced with “Lexus” writing, like the 2022 NX. In addition, the taillights are connected across the entire width of the SUV, and it has a new bumper that isn’t as truck-like as the previous one.

Like the first-generation Lexus LX and every one since, the LX600 maintains Toyota’s “golden” wheelbase length of 112.2 inches, after all, the current J300 on which the new Lexus is based was “benchmarked” to the 80-Series, the Land Cruiser with the best off-road characteristics. Interestingly enough, this seems to be the perfect wheelbase and break-over angle in off-road use. 2022-Lexus-LX-600-2

A New 409-horsepower Twin-Turbo V6 to power the 2022 Lexus LX600

The 5.7-liter V8 engine has been replaced with a new twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 409 horsepower (301 kW / 415 PS) and torque of 479 lb-ft (649 Nm). This is an increase of 26 horsepower (19 kW / 26 PS) and torque of 76 lb-ft (103 Nm). In addition, the engine’s maximum torque is maintained up to roughly 3,600 rpm, according to Lexus, which improves performance off-road because drivers often travel at moderate speeds.


The engine is matched to a new ten-speed automatic transmission that replaces the old eight-speed transmission and has a low first gear for “a smooth start and powerful low-speed off-road driving capability.” However, it is famous for having two more gears, the tenth of which “keeps the engine speed low during high-speed cruising, resulting in a peaceful ride and decreased fuel usage.”

Because of the aluminum doors and its all-new body-on-frame platform, the 2022 LX weighs 441 lbs (200 kg) less than its predecessor. Lexus didn’t disclose where the weight savings came from but added that the vehicle is 20% more rigid than the outgoing LX570.


A Luxurious Cabin with a Dual-Screen Entertainment System

While the appearance is evolutionary, the cabin is not, as it embraces a more contemporary design. Although Lexus has been tight-lipped about specifications, we can see quality leather, wood trim, and metallic elements. A computerized instrument cluster and a Mark Levinson premium audio system with 25 speakers.

The most significant update is the all-new Lexus Interface system, which debuted in the 2022 NX recently. However, the flagship SUV has two distinct displays, measuring 7 and 12.3 inches, respectively.


The larger display is used to provide navigation, camera views, and audio settings, while the smaller screen is used to show car information and the climate control system. “Presenting the camera image on the upper screen while concurrently displaying the real-time vehicle status on the lower screen allows the driver to monitor off-road driving situations more safely without switching the display,” Lexus claimed.

The infotainment system includes a voice assistant, user profiles, and cloud-based navigation with Google point of interest data, in addition to the dual-screen configuration. Thanks to over-the-air updates, it should also improve over time.


The F Sport and Ultra Luxury trim levels have been added to the lineup.

While Lexus did not provide many details, it did confirm that the LX 600 will be available in Standard, Premium, Luxury, Ultra Luxury, and F Sport trims in 2022. The last two are brand new and cater to two distinct sets of buyers.

The F Sport, for example, features a mesh grille with a black chrome surround, as well as unique 22-inch forged aluminum wheels. In addition, sport seats and “textured” leather on the steering wheel are available for “enhanced style and grip.”


The F Sport has specially tuned dampers and a redesigned adaptive variable suspension and electric power steering system, so the modifications aren’t just cosmetic. For increased performance, they’re joined by a special Torsen limited-slip differential.

The LX 600 Ultra Luxury takes a different approach, with two separate rear seats that wrap the back seat passengers in maximum comfort and support.

Separating the back seats is a broad console containing a wireless smartphone charger, covered cup holders, and a vast storage box with a DC power supply, USB ports, and headphone jacks for the rear-seat entertainment system. The seats and the climate control system are managed through a tiny display on the center console.


The Ultra Luxury also features distinctive ceiling vents that improve the heating and cooling of the rear seat passengers. In addition, the top-of-the-line LX has rear sunshades and reading lights, making a back-seat ride in the Ultra Luxury and experience.

If that wasn’t enough, a button pushes the front passenger seat forward, lowers the headrests, and tilts the seat to provide 43 inches (1,092 mm) of legroom for the back passenger. In addition, a footrest can be extended from the back of the front seat, and the rear-seat entertainment system display can flip up to allow a better view forward.


Safety features of the 2022 Lexus LX600

The Lexus Safety System+ 2.5 array of driver assistance features is standard on the 2022 LX. It comes with a new Pre-Collision System that includes Frontal Collision Warning, Automatic Emergency Braking, and Pedestrian and Bicyclist Detection. All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Lane Tracing Assist (Lane Centering), and Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist are also included. Intelligent High Beams, Emergency Steering Assist, and Road Sign Assist round out the list of features.


Just a little more comfortable, yet just as capable as before.

The front suspension features a high-mounted double-wishbone with improved coil springs, while the four-link rear suspension has been altered to improve stability and ride comfort. In addition, the rebound stroke has been enhanced by 0.8 inches (20 mm) to “ensure exceptional road-following performance,” according to Lexus. The shock absorber arrangement has also been modified, allowing them to better follow the vertical movement of the wheels, resulting in increased dampening.

In terms of performance, the LX has an adaptive variable suspension, new electric power steering, and new electronically controlled brakes.


With Low, Normal, Hi1, and Hi2 settings, the Active Height Control mechanism has been improved. When the driver selects 4Lo or uses the Multi-Terrain Select system, the system automatically adjusts the ride height based on what you’re doing, such as going into Hi1 or Hi2.

The modifications, according to Lexus, make the LX more comfortable and dynamic while maintaining its famed off-road performance. The latter isn’t a joke, as the approach, departure, and breakover angles, as well as the 45-degree climbing ability and 27.5-inch water fording depth, remain identical (700 mm).


Off-road enhancements include an improved Multi-Terrain Select system with Auto, Dirt, Sand, Mud, Deep Snow, and Rock modes, as well as an improved Multi-Terrain Select system with Auto, Dirt, Sand, Mud, Deep Snow, and Rock modes. Auto mode is all-new, but the big news is that the system now functions in 4Hi rather than simply 4Lo.

Crawl Control and Downhill Assist Control and a Multi-Terrain Monitor are among the other off-road features. Like the current LX 570, the 600 shows the vehicle’s surroundings using four cameras – front, side, and rear. However, a new Back Underfloor View superimposes the vehicle and wheel position over an underfloor camera view, allowing the driver to see obstacles that would otherwise be obscured.


Closing thoughts

As the owner of an LX570, I don’t know how I feel about the twin-turbo V6. However, I will reserve final judgment when I have the chance to drive one myself. Considering the reliability, quality, and luxury, I could never figure out why the LX 570 was more popular. However, I think that the new LX600 may have just solved that problem.

The 2022 LX600 will be available in U.S. showrooms in the first quarter of next year.

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