RevoZport Squeezes 650 HP From Mercedes-AMG GT S

With all eyes on the 577-horsepower Mercedes-AMG GT R, RevoZport rolls out a kit for the AMG GT S producing 650 horsepower

Over the past several days, Mercedes-AMG has been giving us bits and pieces of the 577-horsepower Mercedes-AMG GT R. However, it looks like German tuner RevoZport may have beat Mercedes-AMG to the punch with their GTZ-650 package.

The RevoZport GTZ-650 package for the Mercedes-AMG GT S consists of performance and exterior enhancements.

Starting with the heart of the Mercedes-AMG GT S, RevoZport increases the 503 horspower from the 4.0-liter biturbo V8 to 650 horsepower. The increase in performance is a result of an updated ECU and a better flowing intake manifold. RevoZport also installs a titanium exhaust, reducing 22 pounds from the overall weight of the vehicle.

The GTZ-650 package includes exterior modifications as well in the form of a new body kit. RevoZport claims that the kit increases downforce of the GT S. Carbon-kevlar is the material of choice for the ground-scraping front splitter because it holds up better to speed bumps than carbon fiber. However, carbon fiber is the material of choice for the canards, side skirts, and rear diffuser, which have a race-inspired design. A lip spoiler and wing is also available to customers made of choice carbon components.

Source:  RevoZport

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