Petrolicious Tuesday – Profile of a Bentley Boy

Petrolicious presents a profile of a Bentley Boy

It is Tuesday and therefore time for another mesmerizing video from the artists over at Petrolicious. ‘This is how you live life as a Bentley Boy’ profiles William Medcalf, an owner who knows every single bolt of these cars.

William is a man who thinks that the Bentley is a car that should be driven hard and raced. Fortunately, he lives what he thinks. William believes that these big cars are at their best being driven hard. “Anything with wheels should be raced. Everything with wheels should be driven to the limit.”

Having been stranded in a race in Russia because of a broken differential, the classic Bentley was driven non-stop for 66 hours from Ulaanbataar Russia across the Gobi Desert. For most of us, that would be the adventure of a lifetime. However, for William, it was par for the course.

William had grown up around these cars. His earliest memories consisted of a 9-month road trip in the same vehicle at the formidable age of five.

A trained machinist who has grown up around these cars, he knows them inside and out. William has devoted his life to uncovering the secrets and surprises in these famously durable and sporting cars.

Enjoy the video and another fantastic job Petrolicious.

Source: Petrolicious

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