James Hunt Inspired McLaren P1 GTR to run at Goodwood

McLaren P1 GTR wearing James Hunt inspired colors will run at 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed

To commemorate the 40 years since legendary racing driver James Hunt won the Formula 1 Driver’s Championship, McLaren is dressing up a McLaren P1 GTR in special livery to be unveiled at the upcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The race car will be wearing a body finish inspired by James Hunt’s race helmet, a black base combined with red, yellow, and blue stripes inspired by his Wellington College colors. The P1 GTR will be piloted by Bruno Senna, the official McLaren P1 GTR Driver Program Mentor.

A second McLaren P1 GTR will be driven at Goodwood this year. A heavily modified version of the P1 GTR that has been converted to road use by Lazante. Behind the wheel of the wheel of the heavily customized hypercar will be McLaren test driver and 1999 Indy 500 winner Kenny Brack. He will be attempting to establish the quickest time at the event for a roadcar. That record currently belongs to Jan Mardenborough who blazed through the course in a blistering 49.27 seconds back in 2014 with a NISMO Nissan GT-R.

The pair of P1 GTRs will be joined at the Goodwood Festival of Speed running on June 23 thorugh 26, 2016 by many other McLarens ranging from the classic racers to many of the company’s most recent products will be represented at this year’s Festival of Speed.

Source:  McLaren

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