An Idea of What The Next Lexus LFA Should Look Like

California design student Yang Sun renders his vision of the next-generation Lexus LFA that impresses the team at Lexus PR

The Lexus LFA was in development for nearly 10 years. Even today, there is a still a very passionate fan base of people who swear by the vehicle. With that said, it would be a good idea for Lexus to come up with a successor to the LFA in order to monetize that fan base.

There have been several rumors about a successor to the Lexus LFA but nothing has been confirmed. There has also been a fair share of flat out denials about a successor. That hasn’t stopped very talented individuals from coming up with their own vision of what a second-generation LFA could look like.

California design student Yang Sun came up with a daring design that is a combination of the LF-LC and LFA. The inspiration for the cars streamlined, flowing shape and swooping bodywork creases were seashells.

The LF-LC was a concept vehicle first shown in Tokyo in 2014 and again at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2015. Feedback was so positive, Lexus approved the car for production, designing and building a prototype in one year, an amazing feat for any automotive company.

Mr. Sun’s rendering borrows many of the distinctive elements from the LF-LC concept and incorporates them into the underpinnings of his design. This includes the very sharp angles and the fact that, like the LF-LC doesn’t resemble any vehicles within the current Lexus line-up.

While it is downright impossible that Mr. Sun’s design exercise will go any farther than a few renderings, it is notable that the Lexus PR team was sufficiently impressed to use it to promote and call attention to the upcoming LF-LC production variant. This very rarely happens with anything other than official projects. With that said, there is no doubt that Mr. Sun’s renderings made a big impression on more than a few important people within Lexus.

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