Chevy Silverado vs Ford F-150 Bed Strength Test

The Purpose of the video is to make steel look better than aluminum

In a video recently released by Chevrolet, they aim to show the superiority of its roll-formed, high-strength steel by pitting the Chevrolet Silverado against a stamped aluminum bed of a Ford F-150. As a product of the marketing department at Chevrolet, we know the outcome of the test. Additionally, we must question how accurate a representation these tests are of real-World use.

In the first test, Chevrolet dumps 825 pounds of landscaping materials into both trucks. After the test, the Silverado’s bed shows some dents while in the bed of the Ford, some of the materials actually punctured the aluminum of the bed. Next up is a toolbox, and as expected, the results are the same.

The video clearly shows a steel bed being the preferable material over aluminum for heavy duty-use. However, I question how many truck owners actually use their trucks as tested in the video.   While I am sure that there are many, I can think of far many more using their trucks as a light-duty vehicle rather than a work truck. I have two friends whose wives drive full-size double cab pick-ups because the trucks represent value, safety and utility to them. I can say that neither trucks have ever carried anything more than groceries and perhaps new furniture.

Back to videos at hand, over 90% of truck owners I know have bed liners in their trucks to protect the metal beds. Bed liners in the test trucks would go along way towards absorbing a great deal of the impact in from the tests, likely changing the outcome.

Ford recently switched to aluminum bodies with their new Ford F-150.   Rumors are circulating that Chevrolet’s next generation of pickups will reportedly switch to aluminum bodies like the Ford F-150. If this is the case, the marketing department at Chevrolet may want to reexamine the message that they want to convey to prospective buyers of the strength of steel versus aluminum.

Source:  Chevrolet

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