1 Of 1 Carbon Fiber Ferrari Enzo Up For Sale

Of the 400 legendary Ferrari Enzo’s made, the one you see here is the only carbon-fiber Ferrari Enzo made

The Ferrari Enzo is a pretty big deal as only 400 were ever made. There is one Enzo that is different from the rest. It is the only Ferrari Enzo to be bodied in bare carbon fiber.

When production first started of the Ferrari Enzo, only 349 were planned. However, because of how quickly they sold out and because of interest from prospective buyers, 50 more were made, bringing the total to 399. The one you see here is different and can be argued, much more special than all Ferrari Enzo’s including the 400th Enzo that was built exclusively for the Vatican and donated to charity.

This Ferrari Enzo left Maranello with an unpainted carbon fiber body. It rolled out of the production line and into the hands of Carrozzeria Zanasi. They are a company that has very close ties to Ferrari, even doing work for the prancing horse. They also handle custom conversions and special requests for Ferraris. Carrozzeria Zanasi also handles smashed Ferrari’s from the factory.

Offered for $3.5 million by Exotic Motors, the Ferrari is powered by a Tipo F140 B, a 6.0-liter naturally aspirated V12 producing 651 horsepower and 485 pound-feet of torque.

While there are other Ferrari Enzo’s offered for sale for less money, those cars don’t have the carbon fiber body of this one. As a result, a premium should be justified in this case.


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