Will the RCM Subaru Win Goodwood This Year?

The Roger Clark Motorsports Subaru is getting ready for Goodwood next week?

With the Goodwood Festival of Speed coming up June 24 through 26, 2016, you can bet that many participants are busy preparing for their drive up the 1.16 mile long asphalt road that runs in front of the Goodwood House. While many events take place on race weekend, it has been primarily known as a hill climb event since its inception in 1993.

While there are many people participating, there are far fewer who are going on record saying that they will win the timed event. One such participant with no qualms boasting of their confidence is the team at Roger Clark Motorsport (RCM).

The team at RCM are not coming to the Festival of Speed with just any vehicle. They are fielding the ‘Gobstopper II’, a 780 horsepower Impreza with a long string of UK time attack titles.

2016 is not the first time that the Gobstopper II has run at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. In 2015, the RCM Subaru Impreza went on to win the shootout with a run of 44.91 seconds, more than half a second faster than the next quickest car in 2015. RCM is confident that they can beat the record this time around.

It is worth pointing out that the time in 2015 would have been faster if Clark did not scuff the straw bails in the final turn. This year, they will return to the most famous driveway in the World having a greater understanding of the route and the best way to set up the vehicle for the course.

At this point, it is hard to say for certain that the RCM team will win the race. However, I am sure that you can expect the team to be very competitive next weekend.

To see how the RCM Subaru did at last year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, watch the video below.


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