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BMW Unveils Latest Technologies at 2017 CES in Las Vegas

BMW Showcases latest automotive technologies at 2017 Consumer Electronics Show

The automotive industry is transitioning into a technology industry. Hybrid vehicles and self-driving cars are largely technology platforms consisting of very complicated software and electronic hardware. One of the companies that has invested heavily in technology and is leading the way in terms of innovation is BMW.

The largest consumer technology trade show in the World is taking place in Las Vegas from January 5 – 8, 2017. The Consumer Electronics Show is a channel for the leading technology companies to unveil and present their latest consumer-facing technologies to the public. BMW, the German premium carmaker will be unveiling a wide range of new products and services at the show including a self-driving car and their vision for automotive interiors in the future.

A Self-Driving BMW 5-Series

While BMW will be showcasing technologies pertaining to automated driving, intelligent connectivity and control and display systems, one of the highlights is such to be a 2017 BMW 5-Series prototype driving through Las Vegas traffic.

The prototype vehicle is meant to showcase a personalized, connected driving experience in a very automated vehicle. The vehicle has a number of technical modifications designed to support automated driving. These modifications are largely the result of many research and development projects focused on autonomous driving.

On specific route segments, drivers will be able to turn over certain control tasks to the autonomous systems so that they can concentrate on other, more productive activities. Specific tasks that can be turned over to autonomous systems include acceleration and braking as well as control of the steering wheel for extended periods of time. This is largely made possible by advances in sensor in control technologies showcased in the vehicle. It is worthwhile to note that many of these new technologies are built upon driver assistance systems found in current production BMWs.

BMW’s future vision for automotive interiors

BMW chose the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show to unveil their vision for how vehicle interiors will look in the future. Called the BMW I Inside Future, the concept includes all of the manufacturer’s latest technologies including HoloActive Touch, the latest development for in-car control and display technology.

HoloActive Touch can be viewed as the next step in the evolution of the current iDrive system. It incorporates all of the advantages of a head-up display with gesture control with a touchscreen. However, the driver can interact with the touchscreen using funder movements along.

One thing is abundantly clear at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show regarding automobiles. Technology’s footprint upon the industry is only going to increase, not only at BMW but all of the automobile manufacturers. In fact, one could argue that automobile manufacturers are increasingly technology companies.

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