Is the Lexus LFA The Best Sports Car In The World?

Ben Collins ‘The Stig’ drives the Lexus LFA, Lexus RCF and Lexus GSF at speed

In 2005, Lexus unveiled the first version of its Lexus LFA supercar. In 2007, a second, concept was released with a more complete exterior and interior. A production version was unveiled in October 2009 at the Tokyo Auto Show. Production started in 2010 and concluded in December 2012 with the assembly of the 500th unit.

Many automotive experts and journalists are on record stating that the LFA is possibly the best sports car ever made. However, what is like to drive one and how have other vehicles in the F line benefitted from the LFA?

Ben Collins’ claim to fame is that was the Stig for several years on the most popular automotive television show in the World, Top Gear. A couple of years ago, he was outed and the most and his role on the show was terminated. Since then, he has been doing his best to ‘milk’ his role for all he can. Hey, can you blame him? After all, he is a professional race car driver after all.

In this video, Ben Collins drives the Lexus LFA at speed on the Goodwood track in the UK. It is neat to see the LFA driven as it was intended –hard. I think that the engine noise made the V10 in the LFA is second to none. That alone, makes the video worth watching. However, the LFA driven hard with the tires screaming are an added bonus.

In the video, Mr. Collins also drives the other cars in the F line up including the RCF and GSF.   Both cars are also honed around the Goodwood circuit, which is fun to watch and hear. He also talks about the performance DNA that was handed down to the RCF and GSF from the LFA.

Just how amazing is the sound of a screaming V10? You will just have to click the watch the video to find out.


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