Iconic Audi Quattro Sport sells for $536,000 at Auction

1 of 5 ultra rare Audi Quattro Sports sells at RM Sotheby’s for a record sum

Audi has been increasing in popularity and price over the several years. What Audi is worth over half a million dollars? When it is a 1986 Audi Quattro Sport. Only 164 Audi Quattro Sports were ever made and the most recent sale of these iconic cars was for $536,000 at RM Sotheby’s on September 7th.

Aside from being one of the 164th produced, the vehicle in question is extra special for another reason. It was 1 of 5 examples specifically produced for the U.K.

The Audi Quattro Sport has a legacy going back to legendary Group B racing from 1986. The Sport was produced in the same year that Group B racing was discontinued for being too dangerous for drivers and spectators alike. Unfortunately, the demise of Group B also brought about the end of a very successful streak for Audi in the World Rally Championship (WRC).

The Audi Quattro Sport you see here left the factory on April 15th, 1986. It was first serviced at 5,833 in November of the same year. In 1997, it was sold with close to 30,000 miles on the odometer. It sold for the second time in 2006 where it found a home a private collection.

In the loving hands of its third owner, the Quattro Sport would receive a complete restoration by Bill Gwynn Motorsport in the UK. During the process of returning the vehicle to better-than-new condition, the 306 horsepower 5-cylinder engine was completely rebuilt with just a bit over 32,000 miles on the odometer.

The vehicle emerged most recently at the RM Sotheby’s London Auction on September 7, 2016 where it sold for $536,000, making it one of the most expensive Audi Quattro’s to every change hands.


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