Mercedes Benz Unveils AMG GT Roadster and GT C

AMG GT Roadster and GT C unveiled online in advance of the official debut at the 2016 Paris Auto Show

Mercedes Benz at long last unveiled what many had known was in development for some time, the AMG GT Roadster. The long awaited convertible will be available in two flavors: the ‘basic’ 469hp model and the top-of-the-line 547hp GT C model.

The AMG GT C is made available with 46hp more than the AMG GT S Coupe. It is offered with technology borrowed from the insane AMG GT R. Specifically, it comes with the GT R’s rear axle steering, electronic locking differential and a wider track.

Torque in the AMG GT C is rated at 501 pound-feet of torque, available at just 1900rpm. According to Mercedes, this combined with the 547hp should be good for a zero to 62 mile per hour sprint in a scant 3.7 seconds. The vehicle continues accelerating all the way to an electronically limited 196 miles per hour.

In the AMG GT Roadster, zero to 62 miles per hour is a very respectable 4.0 seconds flat with acceleration continuing all the way to 187 miles per hour.

Both the AMG GT Roader and GT C are powered by the same engine, a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine that can be found in just about every model in the AMG line-up. Just like the GT Coupe, a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission is the only available option.

The roof of the AMG GT Roader and GT C is made of a durable fabric that opens and closes in eleven seconds, up to speeds of 32 miles per hour. The fabric roof is available in three different colors, black, beige, and red. The exterior of both vehicles is available in eleven different color options while there are ten color options available for the interior. The structure of the three-layered fabric top is a combination of steel, aluminum and magnesium to keep weight at a minimum.

With weight being a critical component in the performance equation, the AMG GT Roadster tips the scales at just over 3,516 pounds while the GT C weighs in at just a tad under 3,660 pounds, a difference of 144 pounds.

The engineering wizards at AMG made a change to the transmission of the GT Roadster and GT C. The seven-speed DCT gearbox to give it a higher first gear, a lower seventh gear and a final ratio to make it more responsive. It also has an extra transmission mode called ‘Race’. This setting adjusts the shifting for maximum attack on a racetrack, making the transmission change cogs faster with the engine producing a pure racing sound.

An active air management can be found in versions of the convertible. Vertical louvres behind the front facia can be opened or closed by an electric motor. The AMG Panamericana front grille is made up of 15-chrome plated vertical bars, invoking the company’s racing heritage.

Both the AMG GT Roadster and GT C will be making their first public appearance at the upcoming Paris Motor Show.


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