Alpine Vision Concept, A Preview Of What Is To Come

The production version of the Alpine will have 80% of the parts making up the Alpine Vision Concept

When one thinks of what put French rallying success on the map, the first thing that comes to mind is Alpine. They were a French manufacturer of racing and sports cars that used rear-mounted Renault engines.  The company has reemerged with the Alpine Vision Concept.

Alpine cars were light and fast and were very fun to drive. They experienced considerable competition success just after the Second World War. In the fifties sixties, and early seventies, had several wins in a number of notable International competitions such as the Mille Miglia and the Monte Carlo Rally spanning a period over twenty years.

In 1973, they were bought by Renault and production continued until 1995.   The legendary Alpine A110 was produced in the 1960s in France and Mexico. Today, those cars are highly sought by collectors the World over.

Within the last few years, it was announced that the iconic marque was going to be relaunched from 2017 onwards. With the planned relaunch quickly approaching, Alpine has given us the best look yet at what is they have in store for us in the form of the Vision Concept.

Unlike most concepts that have little in common with future production vehicles, 80 percent of the concept will reach the production line.

Taking styling cues from the iconic A110 Berlinette, the Vision is a mid-engined sports car that counts the Alfa Romeo 4C and Porsche Cayman as it rivals.

Up to this point, Alpine has not shared any technical details about the car other than to say that power comes from a four-cylinder turbocharged engine. The company says that like the original Alpine, it will be constructed of lightweight material but not at the expense of cabin features.

The interior of the concept looks like a very comfortable place indeed, offering all of the amenities you would want in a sports car combined with premium materials and good design.

EVO magazine had a chance to spend some time with the Vision Concept and its designer. I have a link to the video below.

The final production version of the Alpine Vision Concept is expected to be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, with sales starting in 2017.


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