2300 HP Lamborghini Gallardo Sets 1/4 Mile World Record

Heavily modified 2300 HP Lamborghini Gallardo breaks quarter mile world record at 240.64 miles per hour

As your typical car increases in horsepower, it is becoming increasingly common to see cars with 1,000 horsepower or more. This type of performance is not being obtained by massive displacement but rather turbo and supercharging technologies.

At the top end of the performance spectrum, we are starting to see street legal engine builds putting out over 2,000 horsepower. A more recent example was filmed at the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack in Colorado Springs, Colorado over the weekend.

In a highly modified Lamborghini Gallardo putting out 2,300 horsepower, a new world record was set in the standing quarter mile. Madman Gidi Chamdi piloted the car to a speed of 240.64 miles per hour. It was also the first time anyone has reached 240 miles per hour in the event.

Prepared, by the wizards at Underground Racing, the vehicle is street-legal but yet designed for this type of activity.

To help frame the magnitude of this achievement, a 1,341 horsepower Koenigsegg One:1 needs 1.4 miles to reach the same speed. The modified Lambo makes the Koenigsegg look tame by comparison. In the video, there is so much power laid down that you can see wheelspin after Chamdi has pulled away from the line.

The Lamborghini Gallardo and Chamdi are not new to this type of racing. His previous top speed for the standing half-mile was 234.86 miles per hour, which was set last year. Shortly thereafter, his record was broken by KC Howeth driving a Lamborghini Huracan, also prepared by Underground Racing. Both vehicles are using Underground Racing’s X Package which relies on twin-turbocharging to produce such mind-boggling performance.


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